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Chemical description: Nonionic surfactant complexes


Characteristics: Appearance, 25℃: Off-white pellets.
Solubility: Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, chloroform  and other organic solvents.

Packaging: The product is packed by inner plastic bag, and external kraft bag, net weight is 25kg.

Storage:   It is recommended to stored the product in a dry place at 25℃ max, avoid direct sunlight and rain. Prolonged storage over 60℃ can cause some lump. It is no  dangerous, according to general chemical for transport, storage.

Shelf life: Should remain within the specification limits at least one year after production, provided it is properly stored.

Application: HBS-203 is a versatile thermoplastic antistatic agent is an internal antistatic agent widely used to polyolefins such as PE, PP films, sheets, containers,bags(boxes), and other anti-plastic belt static products. This product has good heat resistance, a rapid onset and long-lasting anti-static characteristics. The color of the final product is stable and not easy to yellowing. It also has a certain migration in low temperature and humidity.
HBS-203 can be added into plastic products directly, general addition level in blowing product is 0.3-1.5%, 0.5-2.0% in , can also be prepared to 15%-25% content antistatic masterbatch to combine with blank resin can get a better effect and homogeneity.
Some indication for the level applied in various polymers is given below:
Polymer           Addition level (%)
PE               0.3-2.0
PP               0.3-2.0          

Safety and health: HBS-203 is non-toxic, approved for application in food indirect contact packaging materials.

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