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Chemical description: Ethoxylated amine 
Characteristics:  Appearance, 25℃: Clear, transparent liquid.
Solubility:  Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol,chloroform and other organic solvents.

Packaging: The standard packaging is 180kg net in steel drum, or 50kg net in plastic drum. 
Storage:   It is recommended to stored the product in a dry place at 25℃ max, avoid direct sunlight and rain, upending is forbidden. Prolonged storage over 60℃ can cause some discoloration. It is no dangerous, according to general chemical for transport,storage. Please avoid touching it  directly, if it touch your skin, just wash it by water.

Shelf life: Should remain within the specification limits at least one year after production, provided it is properly stored.

Application: HBS-505 is an efficient internal antistatic agent of plastic products, suitable for variety plastics of polyethylene, polypropylene films, sheets and containers of plastic products. If mixed HBS-505 and HBS-206P to 1:2 ratio can play a synergistic effect, can provide more lubrication, stripping and excellent antistatic effect, can make the plastic surface resistance decreased significantly.
Some indication for the level applied in various polymers is given below:
Polymer        Addition level (%)
Polyolefins film               0.2-0.6
Polyolefins injection               0.5-1.0
PE&               0.2-0.8
PP               0.2-0.6
PE injection               0.5-1.0
LDPE               0.2-0.5                  
Safety and health: HBS-505 is non-toxic, approved for application in food  indirect contact packaging materials.

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